At ABS Software we recognise that providing the software is only one part of the solution.

We are committed to providing a range of support services that will ensure you achieve a fast implementation and receive the best return from your investment in the shortest time possible – analyse, manage, GROW.


ABS Software will work with you to analyse, plan and execute an efficient implementation of your new solution. Our staff can provide expert advice on data migration, minimising disruption and getting your staff up to speed as quickly as possible.


ABS Software can bridge the gap between standard software and your unique business processes. We can design screens with client specific data and, if necessary, add forms for specific functionality. So talk to us about your specific requirements.


When you purchase an Attaché solution from ABS Software, it will include a support and training package that provides for unlimited Introductory Training for all users. In addition, we can provide specifically designed training courses to meet your needs, or your staff can attend regular advanced training courses at our modern fully equipped training facility in Parkdale, Victoria.


Our support team have over 50 years experience in the industry and are specifically trained to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. A dedicated support line and e-mail address is provided to handle support promptly and efficiently. All calls are logged and progress monitored.