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Accountants selecting new accounting system

“We look more at how our clients work, what drives them and what they want to achieve…We look at their finance systems, such as payroll, HR and accounting software and look to see how they can integrate and improve their business.”

Make sure your transparent with your service providers around your system requirements and ensure its the best for your business: I’m seeing practitioners complaining that the ATO is coming out saying you don’t need to have cloud software to do STP. I get incredibly frustrated that practitioners think it’s about them when it should be about the right solution for clients and what’s easiest for them to comply with the law.”

Let us review your system and ensure it suits your business now and in the future, contact us now 03 8710 9900.


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Asset Management & Cyber Attacks

What if your business was hit by a severe tragedy that adversely damaged your premises, stock, plant or equipment?

What if you had a cyber-attack or a serious computer virus attack?

Talk to us today about the free backup scheduler or Asset Management module for Attaché.

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Attache Employee Onboarding

Attaché Employee Onboarding allows new staff to provide their legal and administrative information such as their tax, super fund and bank information prior to commencing employment which are then used to populate the new employee masterfile in the desktop payroll company.

In this video we’ll demonstrate:
– setting a default superannuation fund for Employee Onboarding
– onboarding a new employee
– employee completing the onboarding information
– reviewing and adding the employee to your desktop payroll company

Talk to us today about Attachés great time saving features like Employee Onboarding


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